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  • Hey everyone,

    Is there a way to disable .ogg files from being created and used in C2? I can cut my game size in half if I remove these file types. But, in doing so, I lose all events corresponding to them and I am unable to make new ones because said song/sound is not in the list anymore.

    My target platform supports .m4a and .wav so having the .ogg seems redundant.


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  • Or conversely, if your target platform supports .ogg, find a way to get rid of the m4a's.

    Oggs have better compression/quality.

    You won't cut the game size in half, though sadly. It's the wav files that are taking up all the space. In general, your m4a's and ogg's combined only take up around a quarter/third of the space your wavs are taking up.

  • I've actually removed the .ogg files and freed up 4 megs. Leaving my game at 3.6 megs. Removing the other .wav/.m4a didn't even free up 500 kbs.

  • Construct 2 automatically removes one set of files if the target platform support is known in advance. For example if you export a Windows 8 app, it skips the .oggs, and if you export a Chrome Web Store packaged app, it skips the .m4a. So this should be handled automatically so you don't need to delete any files yourself.

  • How do I select the target platform? Is this already done when we go to export the project?

  • It's what you choose after selecting 'Export project'.

  • I wish we had an option with the CocoonJS export for "CocoonJS Android" export and "Cocoonjs iOS" export (or something like that), so that we could just use .ogg or .m4a

    Any suggestions for removing .ogg or .m4a in CocoonJS?

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