How do I Disable multitouch

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  • I am making a game similar to Physics puzzle in Construct 2. Is there any way to prevent multitouch? So player can only destroy one block at a time

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  • My method is use TouchCount expression of Touch object.

    I put the condition System -> Compare two values -> "Touch.TouchCount=1" inside the touch event, that way the event only run when there's exactly one touch.

    Well, i just wish there's an option to turn off multitouch, because not every games need this.

  • i'm sure there is a way to do this. Try to work with touchID's every touch has his own ID. for a quick and dirty solution i would try to do something like this:

    global variable "singleTouchID"

    on touched "block" -> "singleTouchID" = touch.ID

    if touch.ID = singleTouchID -> destroy block

    now i dont know how fast construct reacts, but if your lucky the player will only destroy one of the blocks if he touches multiple ones the same time.

    i think there is something like touch.count too .. if i remember correctly .. then u could do stuff like:

    on any block touched -> if touch.count = 1 -> block - destroy

    just have a look at the touch expressions and properties ..



    feyninja was faster .. i'd go with his solution.

  • feyninja 's Solution worked perfectly

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