How do I disable Mouse at Screen borders?

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  • Hello.

    I have a problem with a Breakout Game compiled for Node-Webkit. If i test my Game in Construct 2 (Node-Webkit + Resolution 1920x1080 + Innerscale Fullscreen) all works great, all works perfect. But if i compile the Game with the same options, i get a problem with the Screen borders. If i move my Mouse to the Edges of the Screen, the Mouse are shown and i can not control the Player-Paddle - if i move the mouse away from the Edges, i can move the Paddle.

    I have test it with all fullscreen options, but the problem with the screen borders are resists.

    (I have disable all options for the Node Webkit when i compile the Game // Single instance - window frame - resizable window - kiosk mode)

    Here you can Download the Game for testing. Please use ALT+F4 to exit the Game!

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  • What are your events for hiding the mouse? Do you have a condition that says something like "as long as the mouse *something* then move paddle"?

    i had never run into something like this before in node-webkit.

  • Joannesalfa: Thank you, the Plugin works perfect! Now the Problem is solved

    Sargas: I have use the standart Mouse Event "Set Cursor to None" to hide the Cursor (see the picture)

    And for move the Paddle i have use the Event : System Timescale ? 0 -> Paddle Set X to Mouse.X

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