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  • I've some events in my project that are triggered with the middle mouse button.

    But I also have some graphics around the game canvas, and some users have a resolution slightly too low to display everything, hence the scrolling.

    Now is there a way to disable scrolling, along with the scroll-circle thingie that pops up, when the user use a middle-click inside the game canvas?

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  • You can change "Fullscreen in browser:" to "scale" or "letterbox scale" on the project Configuration settings to get rid of the scroll.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm not willing to use the fullscreen mode at all here, it's the container page with other content that scrolls

  • Another related issue:

    When that same low-resolution-screen player press "space", as I mapped it to the jump, the window also scrolls as it's the default browser behavior

    (anyone can try it by resizing the browser window)

    The main question is how to isolate the interactions in the game, so they won't be mistaken for browser actions...

    EDIT: okay I figured it out for the space bar from here

    The same method doesn't work for the middle click scroll though...

    Ashley Could we have the same behavior in C2 for the mouse events?

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