How do I disable location services (iOS/Cordova/PhoneGap)

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  • I released my first iOS app in the App Store this weekend, built in Construct 2 and exported with Adobe PhoneGap. Everything went fairly smoothly (well, after a week or two of it NOT going smoothly...I had to piece together a lot of information on the process myself), but now that it's available to the public, I've noticed that it throws a "Allow this app to access location services" prompt upon the first launch.

    I have no need for location services and never consciously enabled this prompt during development. It doesn't break anything if the user declines, but at least one person has asked me about it, concerned for their privacy. I think that's a legitimate concern and I'd really like to kill the prompt in the next update.

    Of course, I have no idea where I would do that. I checked the config.xml file (both the one Construct spits out as well as the one PhoneGap spits out in the IPA file) and there's nothing that looks like it would be turning it on.


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  • Am I in the right place for this? I really have no idea. There are so many moving parts here (Construct 2, Cordova, PhoneGap, etc) that I can't even pin down which is making this prompt happen.

    Even if someone could point me in the direction of a different support channel, it would be appreciated.

  • I submitted an update of my game to the App Store about a week ago, after having given up on fixing this prompt. Of course, despite getting approved the first time, my update was rejected for the rogue location services prompt.

    I did some more digging and FINALLY determined the cause: It seems to be the Touch plugin within Construct 2. Once I deleted it from my game, I no longer saw the location services prompt after exporting to iOS. Of course, this also meant that my game was totally unplayable (no touch controls).

    I thought it was insane that the Touch plugin would be causing this, so I made an empty project with nothing but a Text object (to make sure something was showing on the screen) and the Touch plugin. Sure enough, when I uploaded the project to Adobe PhoneGap and opened the app on my iPhone, it popped up the location services prompt.

    Can anyone explain what's happening here? Is this some sort of bug? I'd really like to kill this prompt and get my update approved, but removing the Touch plugin from my project isn't really an option.

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