How do I Disable Or Hide Back Button Soft Keys On Mobile?

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  • An issue that could affect some devices I found. Phones show the back, menu, and home buttons on the sides. When I load the game. And then make those buttons visible for whatever reason they stay there during gameplay. The buttons should go away after not touching them for awhile. It takes up part of the screen and my players are not able to see the laser button and the right side of the screen.

    How could i disable the soft keys or make them hide for gameplay?

  • Anyone know how to fix this? i can not sell a game if the player cant see the screen, This is major issue for me right now and its my only bug thats stopping me from uploading to google play.

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  • Ashley Could you please fill me in on how i would go about hiding Soft Keys on mobile devices?

    This is something that is causing issues for me when it comes to playability for my users, I dont want to recieve bad reviews that is why im here asking for a resolve.

    Thanks Guys.

  • Do you mean on Android? Those keys are OS level buttons and are not normally hidden.

  • Ashley

    Yes, This game is for android i have multiple people testing for me and they say that the soft keys are popping up but not going hidden after not touching the back button.

    Could this be an issue with XDK? and is anyone else having this issue or am i the only one?

  • This is a major issue for me, There are games on the market that do use these soft key buttons but after they are not in use they go hidden revealing a full screen. This is the first issue ive ever had with any type of soft keys and im really not sure how to go about fixing it.

    Android the LG G2 is the main device model im having the issue with.

  • This would be nice. Games since android about 4.3 or 4.4 go "full screen" which alerts the user to swipe down to bring back the softkeys. C2 doesn't handle the java code, so it probably be the XDK which would handle it if its even supported. I'm using sony z1. Anyone know if this works yet?

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