How do I disable the default loader?

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  • In my project I decided to use a custom loader. Although I used a custom loader layout, when I run the project both on the PC preview and on my mobile phone, the default layout (the one with the blu loading bar and the symbol of contruct 2) keep being active and only after it has preloaded everything the project switch to my loader layout. I wanted to ask, how do I make the custom loader layout the only one to be active and how do I make all the sprites, sound, musics, and so on charged during my custom loader layout and not during the default layout? Thanks, I apologize for my english.

  • In your construct 2 window , on the left side check out Project properties ! in that set loading screen to nothing !

  • If i set it to (nothing), during the default loader the screen will be completely black but this does not mean that the default loader has been disabled. My question is how do i make the custom loader layout the one in which i can charge the whole project including sounds, musics, images, sprites ecc. that are usually preloaded during the default layout.

  • Same problem.

    Project properties

    First layout: Loading

    Use loader layout: Yes

    But it loads everything with default loader and does not show the custom one.

  • exactly, and i dont know how to work it out

  • I would recommend taking a look at this first, if you haven't already. My guess is that you're issue can be found somewhere under either Considerations or Limitations, however it would still be prudent to read through the entire document. ... ng-screens

  • Same problem here. I got a very very light custom loader layout, and the default loader keeps taking a long time to load it. Why?

    (There is no sound in my game, so the "preload sounds" issue doesn't apply)

    Here's an example : ... _test.capx

    Ashley ?

  • Same problem here. Followed the instruction of three different tutorial and it's still the default loader that loads everything.

  • same problem, no idea. Ashley please help

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  • If the loader layout is not working as intended please file a bug report following all the guidelines.

    Note that the loader layout must itself first be loaded, and the normal C2 loader is shown while that is loading. If you have a great deal of your game's content on the loader layout, then you will end up loading most of the game with the default C2 loader before the loader layout shows.

  • Hello People, export your project to HTML5.

    And then edit two archives:


    with sublime or notepad.


    * in search and chage value to "" , delete all:


    loaderC2logo_1024.src = "";

    loaderc2logo_512.src = "";

    loaderC2logo_256.src = "";

    loaderC2logo_128.src = "";


    loaderPowered_1024.src = "";

    loaderPowered_512.src = "";

    loaderPowered_256.src = "";

    loaderPowered_128.src = "";


    loaderWebsite_1024.src = "";

    loaderWebsite_512.src = "";

    loaderWebsite_256.src = "";

    loaderWebsite_128.src = "";


    * in data.js go to the finish:

    this view the project property, versin, name MegaRun.... etc...

    just change 4 for 1


    ............."",true,false, -->> 4 <<-- ,0,19,false,true,1,true,"MegaRun",0,[]]}

    not loader:

    .............."",true,false, -->> 1 <<-- ,0,19,false,true,1,true,"MegaRun",0,[]]}

    And now don't have loader


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