How to disable cache in Ajax Post to Url?

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  • Hi guys,

    I noticed that when I post my score to a php file using the Ajax Post to Url stuff it Works only the first time, the database is updated only once after the first post. I know that my game is ok since I see in Firefox Firebug that the Ajax post is made as programmed but the database is not affected, only if I reload the page of the game.

    Could this be related to the Ajax post call being catched? Have you had any similar experience? If the cache is causing the problem how could I set it to disable in C2?

    Thanks and have a great evening.

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  • Was wondering the same thing - with non 3rd party, it doesn't appear possible right now.

    Ashley - would it be possible to include the option somewhere in the AJAX object to enable/disable caching ?

    An example was on this page :

    $.ajax({url: "myurl", success: myCallback, cache: false});

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