How do I disable background processing of layout ?

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  • Dear community,

    I have made a menu where if you press the play button it starts the gameState/layout.

    However, when the first object arrives you can see it come together with the next object that has to spawn.

    It seems like the game was spawning / processing the event sheet when I was in the menu.

    How can I disable this ?

    Very Kind regards,


  • let me understand this... Menu > "click" button > start the1st level> Character come alongside with object tht shouldn`t be spawn at that time. is tht true?

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  • yes the most part is true

    I would like to send my capx if I could but unfortunantly I am not able to :/

    the player is static but the first object is set by mouse in the editor and the other elements are spawn every 0.7 seconds after the layout starts and if the player is alive.

    but the first object comes together with the first object spawn. depending on the speed I started the layout from the menu the distance between the first object and the first created object varies

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