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  • Hello!

    Is there a way to disable the Thumbnail strip and/or creation of the Thumbnails in the Animation area of Sprites?

    Or is there a way to dynamically load images into the animations of sprite like "go to folder x and load all images into sprite Z animation"?

    Or maybe I am doing this wrong and there is a better way to do this...

    I have 3 "emitters" that spawn objects. The objects are spawned with a specific animation frame upon creation. I have need for a very large number of unique animation frames to pull off my project...

    The images are tiny but the quantity is huge and I've had some stability issues in creation but running the app works great so far even with 50,000 images loaded. It was just very very difficult to get 50,000 images loaded...


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  • Offtopic: You made 50 000 different images ?

    For your problem, yes there is an "easy" way.

    You know a bit about Ajax and PhP ?

  • Unfortunately I know nothing of Ajax or PhP but I'm a quick learner...

    Yes I actually created 150,003 unique images for testing my project. The final images will be supplied by someone else.

    I used After Effects. Created a "video" that was 100 x 100 pixels and added a Timecode effect. Video timecode tracks every single frame with a unique number. I set the timecode effect to display units as frame count instead of Hours Minutes Seconds Frames and it counts from 0-50,000 one number per frame. I output the "video" from After Effects as a .PNG sequence, one image per frame. Now I have 50,001 images. I tinted the timecode 3 different colors to match the colors I'm using to debug and I ended up with 150,003 images. The whole process took about three hours of me playing Injustice while it cranked away.

    Bonus: All my emitted images are sequential numbers so its easy to know if things are really working well. I can tell right away if my randomizers are working or not, or if I am losing things someplace with skipped numbers, etc.

    I guess I know what I'm doing during down time at work tomorrow... reading up on Ajax and php!!

    Thanks for pointing me in the direction.

  • No problem, you can also do it without Ajax and Php if you really numbered them all like this, this would be much more work but local and the player dont needs a internet connection.

    You could make a custoum Loading screen with a algorithm that loads you all files with the action "LoadImageFromUrl"

  • Yes they are all sequentially named during the output. The images I will get will also be sequentially named and if they are not I will rename them. How do I avoid the Ajax and Php?

    I am still going to educate myself on Ajax and Php over the next few days but as I am very new to Construct and modern programming in general ... the last language I actually programmed in was COBOL.

  • Interesting... I see where you're going with this and I like it, I can do this. Thanks, that was a huge help. And simple... C2 makes some things almost too easy that you miss them in front of your face! I am still going to look into the other method as well because I like learning. Thanks again!

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