8 directions behavior with jump.

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  • Like you see them in most of the beat em up clasics, you can move up and down left and right and also jump on the same "X" axis. I tried to use the platform behavior but with little to no effect. maybe IM not using it right?... any light on this will be welcome.

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  • It is a bit tricky.

    You can check out the "Monk Fight" template in the main page of Construct 3 and see an implementation of such a classic beat them up.

    Keeping in mind there is a perspective and a shadow under the character, jump is actually a state you need to implement for your character.

    It means your shadow represents the X and Y position of the feet of your character, where it is actually standing on the ground.

    But visually you will move your character to be at a different position, and the feet will actually be away from the shadow.

    This will give you the visualisation of a jump.

    It also means that you will have to handle the collisions in a different way, because of the current position of the character.

  • is this doable on contruct 2?, thats the licence I own, or do I have to pass all my project to contruct 3?.

  • That is doable in Construct 2 as well, but since you had posted in the Construct 3 forum I assumed you were asking help for Construct 3.

    I'm moving your thread to Construct 2 forums.

    Also, Construct 2 does not have the Monk Fight template, so you start from scratch I'm afraid and have to implement everything.

    You can still open the template in the free edition of C3 and copy it over to C2.

    Some features of C3 might not exist in C2 though.

    8 directions and having to handle your shadow yourself should be in C2.

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