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  • Ok this is a bit weird I have the movement for four direction done perfectly but when it comes to keyboard the directional such as (up+right) (down+right).

    I am guessing that because 'Down' is already being used as well as 'Right' there three condition that its being true which might explain why so many user is having this problem. But how do I tell contruct 2 that when the two are pressed at teh same time do that specific animation not infinite loop down, right, down+right.

    I've look and I couldn't fine any real answer. I might just use four way. this is irrating to no ends. Oh and if you are wondering I tried to use variable to kept them in check but no luck there.

    Basically i just want a down right animation to play and still have the other.

  • place the event that checks both keys at the end, for example event 1 down, event 2 right, event 3 down+right

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  • i did that but the problem is that because both Down event one and down right event is both true it loop on itself. Im trying to get the engine to see that if down right is being used then forget the Down only condition.

    and yes while you are correct in that the contruct event ordering is top to bottom in theory that would work but its still holding on that previous condition that down is true.

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