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  • I want to make it so that the enemy would shoot at the enemy, but do not know how to set the direction of the enemy fire and that the bullet flew into the player, or is it that the bullet follows the player when he moves, or that the bullet flies every once in a random direction. How can I do that would be released by an enemy bullet flew towards the player? Doing shooter with a top.

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  • Hi Ban333

    I am having a bit of trouble understanding what your problem is. Could you maybe draw a image or something which illustrates your problem.

    Or post a link to a .capx where your problem is.

  • Have you tried the Ghost Rain demo (included in the templates: File>New)?

  • You might look into turret demos too, (also in file>new) Make your enemies turrets. (They would select their own target, rotate toward them and tell you when they were ready to shoot.)

    Or set the bullet angle with "Set Angle of Motion" under "bullet" in the action list.

    Or if it is not a bullet, "Set angle toward position" and put in the target's position.

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