8 direction "ice skating" problem.

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  • I looked this up, but I didn't see my specific problem.

    I have a sprite using 8 directional movement

    I just want an animation to take place when someone hold a direction between the standard 4.

    When the player hits an angled direction on the keyboard the character should still use the left or right animation instead it looks like he's iceskating.

    Whats a good technique to get ride of this? I just want the side walking animations to work in this case.


    move him around diagonally, see what im talking about. Thank you!

  • Hi Miceal,

    I haven't used the 8 way movement behavior lol...

    Anyways, I might go about it by creating a first condition for the direction, lets say left...

    Left pressed -Blank

    (sub event)Up pressed or down pressed -Set Animation (left)

    And then another condition

    Up pressed                 -Set Animation (up)

    Xleft down (inverted)

    Xright down (inverted

    And the same thing for down....

    I hope that helps, I haven't tested it in a similar project.

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  • appreciate it! Will let ya know

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