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  • Hi, I've realised that while using 8-direction movement on my player object, he automatically rotates towards the center of the screen when he moves to the top, bottom , left or right of the screen.

    I have the Set angle action towards Mouse.X and Mouse.Y so ideally the player would be constantly looking at the mouse position instead of this unwanted behaviour. Any ideas folks?

    Thanks, Paul.

  • "he automatically rotates towards the center of the screen" I think something else must be causing this because 8-direction doesn't automatically rotate the object.

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  • Thanks david, sorry my reply took so long. Internet connection has gone haywire! I'll have a serious look through my event sheet.


  • After a bit of a hiatus on the project, i've went back and had a look. Now i realise i didn't word myself properly. It's not that he automatically rotates towards the center of the screen, it's that as you pass the center of the screen on the X axis, he 'points' towards the middle of the x/y axis, only when you leave off the mouse though, as the player is supposed to rotate towards mouse.x and mouse.y every tick

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