8 direction and custom control issue.

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  • Hello!

    I've a problem with tweaking the controls to my needs.

    What I want is a sprite moving in 8 directions but going over solid objects in the same time.

    Now 8 direction behaviour works just great for the controls but the sprite collides with solid.

    Custom control doesn't collide, but I can't make a smooth movement like in 8 direction. I can't set any deceleration.

    So I don't know which way to go and what's possible.

    Should I try and make a sprite go over solid with 8 direction behaviour.

    Or should I figure out how to simulate deceleration for custom control because it hasn't got that option.

    I'm trying to make a ghost game where the ghost is able to pass through solid, and I need to keep it solid for other stuff.

    If anyone 's got an idea on how to solve this, I would be thankful for your time and help!



  • Try "On offset with object" set solid disabled, and then after "on offset with object" inverted, set solid again.

  • Or you could use on Collision instead.

  • Thank you for your time.

    That's what I was kinda trying as well but when I set Solid to disabled, all the other objects start falling through as well (NPCs, boxes).

  • The ghost is the player?

  • Yes. Any ideas? I can't make him move smoothly with custom control 'cause there's no deceleration. Using custom control makes my ghost sprite not collide with anything. On the other hand, if I use 8 Direction, Ghost collides with Solid.

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  • try this

  • Thanks.

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