Diffuse light ? Real light ?

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  • Hi folks, while I was thinking about the redesign of my character and levels, I started mulling over some old ideas that I had for rendering. And my current obsession is one single word : light. I want to add some light and shadows in my world, because it's so important for the game's atmosphere, it adds so much...I need dat. I want dat. Nah.

    So, thanks to Pode, there is a way to deal with dynamic 2D light easily since 2012. You can find the corresponding effect there, if you didn't know it until now (If you know a better and recent alternative to deal with 2D light, tell me about it) :


    But, if this effect can simulate a light projection and the corresponding shadows, it can't really light the environment. I mean, what if I want something like that, for instance (the lighting only) :

    Generate "real light"...like, if there is no light source, the whole level is dark. Until I add a light source, somewhere. I don't really know how to proceed, after some research I found some stuff about some "shadow light" behavior on C2, but I prefer to ask you guys, before trying anything. I want to avoid any waste of time (like this summer, dealing with Box2D for weeks for finally realize that Chipmunk Physics could solve my problems on one or two clicks...arf). In brief, do you have any suggestions ?

    Thank you

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