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  • Hi there!

    I have a problem:

    I want to drag a specific instance of an object over another specific instance of the same object to create another instance of that object.

    The objects are stored in an array. They have an instance variable named "ItemName". The first objects value for that variable is "Stick", the second ones value is "Wire". I want to drop one of them on the other to "combine" them, but i cant figure out, how to tell construct that i have two different instances of the same object.

    The event is like: "if ´object ´ is overlapping ´object´", but i cant say, which instances construct should use.

    can anyone help?

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  • Do you have the free or full version of C2 .

    If the full version you can use families to do this.

    if (object) is overlapping (family_of_objects)....

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