Does different window size of the 16:9 project affect games performance?

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  • Hello everyone,

    I really would love to get a serious answer to this question.

    I'm starting new project, and as it's basic I want to use 720hd 16:9 size. I draw example at 1280x720(16:9) with characters and stuff, so, for example character will be 144x144 size and so on. Just the whole scene drawn for 1280x720 size. Hope you get me.

    Now the question,

    Can I select in the Construct, project and its window size to 1280x720 since my all original drawings were made for this size? Will it not affect performance?

    Because if I, for example agree on construct 2 offer 854x480(also 16:9) I will need to resize all my characters and stuff to fit.

    Will it not look worse if someone will run game on lower 16:9 resolution then my 1280x720?

    Please I would really appreciate if someone tell me how those things work.

    Thank you in advance

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