Different variable for each family member?

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  • So I want to make a way to damage my enemies, but I have ( for now ) 3 different guys.

    I know how to make them receive damage, but I want to make it in a way so I dont have to write conditions for every enemy.

    The way to do it are families.

    And that is not hard but can I make that every enemy in my family has different amount of health.

    For example:

    FamilyEnemy on collision with sword = FamilyEnemy subtract 10 from EnemyHealth

    So EnemyHealth is family instance variable and its set to 100. But I need all 3 different enemies to have different amounts of health(50, 100, 150 ).

    Is there a way I can make every enemy have different amount of health, but still being in the family

  • Any instance variable affects that instance. This is the same for families. Each enemy's value is separate.

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  • OOOOooohhh check that out AHAHAHAh thanks man should have looked better.

    Thanks man.

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