How do I use different sizes of layouts and window size?

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  • Hello there!

    I'm making a highly pixelated title with resolution 256*144 throughout the main layouts. I have some 1920*1080 layouts (for example the studio logo before the game) to keep them sharp even in fullscreen. I'm not sure how do I achieve it. My project resolution is 256*144. Should I increase my project resolution to 1080p and upscale somehow the layouts to keep them sharp?

    Another problem I'm having is that I want to have the default window at 1280*720 independently of my layout resolutions. Is that possible?

  • hi!

    i think you can use, action, system: set canvas size for this,

    you can do this on start of layout..

    this is also a way to control resolution, if you use fullscreen scaling, the smaller you set the canvas,

    well obviously the smaller the resolution will be, but it will still use fullscreen, so a small canvas will have a pixelated look,

    a higher canvas will look sharper

    you will probably run in the same old, what about different orientation, screensizes, euhm do a forumsearch

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  • Oh, hell yeah!

    Thanks for the tip, I solved with a single line:

    System: On start of layout > System: Set layout scale to 0.133333333

    (0.133333333 is 256/1920)

    Also, solved the window scale problem:

    System: On start of layout > System: Set canvas size to 1280*720

  • Only problem is, when I export the project to desktop, it won't open in a 1280*720 window in default but rather in the project's low resolution. Any idea?

  • damn, lost my post.. using nodewebkit? not used to it, but there is official node webkit plugin, for more options like maximize, or your starting the wrong layout,you can select first layout in projectsettings, other than that i need more info

    not sure if manual layout scaling is the best option, but its difficult to tell without seeying the project

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