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  • Hi,

    I've recently completed Kittiewan's brilliant Memory Match Game tutorial. I haven't really done any sort of programming before, but thanks to how the tutorial was set out I was able to complete the project, and understand a reasonable amount of how it works.

    I'm trying to make a card matching game that matches sets of three cards, which I've managed to do by altering the tutorial game and it works fine. But, I also need to be able to have different backs on the cards too.

    e.g. the set of cards can have pictures of head, body, tail of animals on the face. This game is aimed at quite young kids, so to make it easier to play it would be great to have "head", "body" or "tail" on the back of the relevant cards.

    I've tried adding extra frames to the CardBack animation, and setting CardBackFrame to Deck.At(CurrentTableauCard) immediately after the CardFaceFrame action (item#6). I was hoping this would use the same calculation that chooses the face frame of the card animation to choose the card back - but it doesn't, it always uses frame 1 for the back (I've set speed to 0 as per the CardFace).

    Any help/ideas would be great - my brain is hurting.

    Cheers, Todd

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