Different actions based on the count of touch/

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  • I want to perform different actions based on the count of the touch/click. Can anyone help me out???


  • What do you mean. Total of times there has been a touch


    the number of touches are active on the screen

  • Suppose if he touches that object(can be any kind of button) the first time then my player shud jump, the second time he shud flip,etc

  • With a variable.

    When Sprite is clicked and "variable" is 1, then Jump and add 1 to "variable"

    When Sprite is clicked and "variable" is 2, then flip and add 1 to "variable"

    ..and then that goes on how much you want.

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  • I think this might do what I need it to for a "tap to continue" scenario in a tutorial...but I cant figure out how to set up the even sheet.

    I have a sprite animation with 30 frames in it...that sprite animation is set to the full size of the layout and I am trying to get the on-touch to change the frame in the animation to the next one in the sequence.

    So far all I have managed is for it to change to frame 2...then it takes off and runs through the entire sequence.

    Can you articulate what the 1st few steps would be and I can finish the process by repeating it till the end of the layout?


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