Difference between Sprite and Tiled Background?

  • Hi there!

    I use 2 "Tiled Background" as my background for a layout and they are both 1920x1080 big. When I use "Tiled Background" you can see a line where they "meet". I mean where the first "Tiled Background" ends and the other starts. You can only see it when the player is moving though and when the player stops the line disappears.

    I was thinking about using 2 sprites instead and it seems to work great but in the back of my head there's a voice saying "2 huge sprites will mess up your game". Is it true though? If I disable collisions and set the speed to 0, what is the difference?

    Thanks in advance,

    Tommy / tomologames.com

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  • If your tiled backround image is 1920x1080, then you are using it wrong.

    Also, two instances of 1920x1080 sprite will take the same amount of memory (a lot!) as 1920x1080 tiled background repeated two times.


    Tiledbackground is used to fill large areas of the screen with small repeating pattern. For example - if you need to make a sky, create a small 10x10 px blue tiledbackground and stretch it to the entire layout. Then add small sprites with clouds. This setup will use very little system resources.

    Read this toturial:


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