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  • In my game "Rastermind" is see differences between the layout in IE and FF. I created the game using FF. Now i get bugreports about wrong placings of objects. At first i didn't understand, until someone reported he was using IE.

    I tried the game in IE, and indeed, the placings of some objects are wrong. Now, i did place the object wrong intensionaly (a little lower then wanted) because the objects were higher placed in FF.

    So basicly its not IE thats going wrong, but its FF placing the objects to high. Does anybody has a solution for this problem?

    Thanks in advance!

    MAD (Mark aka Dark)

  • Can you share a .capx reproducing the problem?

    Rendering differences between browsers are very rare, so I would suspect the real problem is something else.

  • Ashley I noticed this aswell. Text objects are always displayed a fex pixels higher in Firefox.


  • And here is mine.


  • Another more "FF" Text/Font bug no ? In my game "FF" loose Italic attribute of my font so => "Chrome" ... IE and Chrome Text/Font display seems nearly the same (except always in front Chrome text display) so i consider them as the "good" behaviour.

    (Mark4Media ... numbers in black and font change => really good !)

  • So this is specific to Text objects, not Sprites or Tiled Backgrounds?

    This is kind of to be expected - text is one thing browsers do not implement identically, because there are many different ways to draw text. See the section on 'Text rendering' in the manual.

  • Hi,

    As i read the manual about text rendering and the best practices page i got the feeling that nothing can be done about it? Or would changing to webfonts help?

    Kind regards,


  • This is what I'm doing now.

    <img src="http://omg.wthax.org/firefoxText_1.png" border="0" />

    Seems to do the job.

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  • haha, great,

    I was just going to ask this when a saw your post!

    I think i'll going to do this:

    at the beginning i lookup if the browser is firefox.

    If it is i set a variable to 1.

    When the raster is build i'll implement an or/else, at which the variable will set the difference.

    But that's going to be tomorrow... Thanks again!

    Kind regards,

    MAD (Mark aka Dark)

  • <img src="http://omg.wthax.org/textYOffset.png" border="0" />

    Thinking about this some more. Set textYOffset to 0 or 6 depending on browser and then add it to any text you place on screen. I think this is cleaner than using if/else every time you place text.

  • You're right, thats how it works in my game. all the text blocks are created at the start of my game. Only thing that changes during the game is the text itself.

  • I had this concern at first with the game I'm working on


    In the title create a character screen the text input box was jumping around depending on the browser I was toying with. A little while later I realized the browser zoom levels were all different. Once I set the zoom to 100% for each browser the text box stopped jumping around. Is there anyway to set the zoom level inside of construct2 to avoid this little glitch in resizing?

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