Difference between gamepad/keyboard release button

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  • So I'm having a bit of a problem right now. I'm having a button where when you press it your character runs and when you release it or the direction button you're holding, the character will stop with a forward slide. Now with the keyboard it works fine but sometimes with the gamepad the event don't occur or something (the character stops in place and loop his animation instead of sliding). The code is 100% identical, I use functions that are simply called by button presses.

    I can't share the .capx because it's waaay to large but my question is rather: what is the difference between release keyboard button and release gamepad button, if there is any? How does Construct2 handle the two differently and is there something I should know or use them differently from each other? Here's a screenshot of what the input code look like, the right image (keyboard) works flawlessly while the left one (gamepad) have issues with button release:

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