How to make the dialogue work?

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  • Hello all. I am trying to make an RPG like game, at layout School. I followed the tutorial like this video.

    I tried on the first NPC, it worked. But when I tried to the other NPC, it doesn't work. I tried to make an instances of SourceDialogue and it doesn't work. Then I cloned the SourceDialogue, doesn't work as well. Changed the instance value, still doesn't work.

    I need help like a lot!!

    Here is the sample .capx

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  • Hi, in the event blocks 18-33 you always set Dialogue to 1 at the end, shouldnt you be setting these to 1, 2, 3 or 4 depending on the NPC? That resolves it.

  • Here is an example of Zelda-style dialog which uses XML file to store dialog lines:

    (there is a working link to capx in comments)

  • Thank you !! That resolves my problem!! And by the way, is there any chance not to use so many Zones TiledBackground to start a conversation?

  • Normally I would use just one detect area on the character but since you're using these to trigger which way the NPC should face then I guess it's fine. What you could do however is group all of the zones into one bit of logic so you don't need to repeat. i.e. put instance variable on the zone, if 1 then play frame 1 (face up), if 2 then player frame 2 (face left) or something like this, it would avoid the need to repeat the logic for each NPC as long as the frames of the animations are correct. You'll need to group NPCs into a family and use this to avoid further repeating of set animation events.

  • I was wondering. If you look at my Town layout, the NPCs are walking randomly. Is it possible to put zones in them and on a push of the button to start a conversation with them?

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