Dialogue system that I've made stopped working

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  • I've made a dialogue system for my game and it was working pretty well until I messed something up. I've just added "if talk = 3" expression and now it's broke for some reason. I can't find any problem in events, maybe you can help me, please?

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  • This is the classic example of JavaScript asynchronicity.

    All of your "global" events (i.e. anything not subsidiary to another event) is executed once per tick. Your variable 'talk' cannot be 1, 2, and 3 at the same time, but that is how you are telling Construct to interpret it presently.

    You need to put those events together using the "Else" statement, otherwise you will continue to get those crazy logical errors. If "Else" doesn't work then you need to put some other condition in there to make your conditions adequately unique as to trigger independently of one another.

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