Device Compatibility Dropped like Crazy after Plugin

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  • Hello All,

    I started messing around with ADMOB. I uploaded the APK to Google Dev and tested it on my Samsung s5 and I was able to get the Ad to load on my test device.

    I setup all the information needed and published to my Beta Group. But now the Compatibility list has dropped to under 400 and my same test device cannot download due to incompatibility. I have another ADK - ADMOB plugin that is over 11k for compatible devices.

    I know this is my XDK issue but curious if you guys/gals have any input.

    admob plugin: cordova-plugin-ad-admob is the one I used in XDK.

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  • Nevermind I am an idiot! After dicking around with four other plugins I realized I uploaded a x86 version instead of Arm...everything is ok...but I'm still an idiot

  • Yeah. I kinda wish they wouldn't automatically give you the x86 version.

    I can count on one hand the number of that type of mobile device I've seen.

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