Detecting certain spoken words (speech recognition)

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  • Hi all,

    When using speech recognition, how do I get it to recognise only certain words and then output pre-defined text with speech synthesis?

    I want it so it's always listening and when it detects certain trigger words, it outputs pre-defined text with speech synthesis.


    It's always listening. When it detects me saying "hello", it outputs "hi there" with speech synthesis.

    Any ideas?



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  • Anyone at all? I think it is possible, I'm just not very good at figuring out how. Once I have the direction I'm ok on my own!


  • Hi. I've been working on something very similar (a character that I can talk to), and I think I can help.

    Try this:

    (Global Text variable): "YouSaid"

    (System: On Start of Layout): UserMedia: Request speech recognition (language "en-US", Continuous mode, Interim restults)

    (UserMedia: On speech recognition result): System (Set YouSaid to UserMedia.InterimTranscript)

    (Sub Event) (System:YouSaid = hello): UserMedia: Speak text "Hi, there" (language "en-US", voice URI "", volume 1 dB, rate 1, pitch 1

    This should work. Tip: the only web browser (at least that I know of) that supports the UserMedia object is Google Chrome, which is free. You can get it from: You will need to set it as your preview browser under "Configuration Settings", which is in "Project Properties".

    You will also need a microphone that is either plugged into your computer (Like one with a USB cord) or one that is built into your computer (like some laptops).

    I hope that helped!

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