How do I detect the touch of 2 simultaneous players

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  • Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and construct2. I'm trying to do a little game for tablets with 2 players where each touch screen, I want to register your score every time they touch the ball, but according as I have done only records the pulsating first, not if right the way I do. Someone has done something, what would be the way to go.


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  • Well, I tried adding "in touch object" but even without results

  • Somebody give me a bit of lighting, please.

  • Add event. click on your bubble1. Scroll down to collisions. On collision with another object.

    Touch is for touch control think pc mouse but for moble phones, but it it can be used by pc mouse too

  • Thanks for the tip , but I'm not sure what you meant by that event. The game does is record score points every time someone touches the probe burbuja.Lo with my brother, but if he touches the red bubble and I play the blue while only records the touch of one of us. I want to record both touches.

  • Cant test it, to show... Sorry.

    But may be that helps:


    The Touch object supports multi-touch. This is most useful with the On touched object and Is touching object conditions, which can for example detect if multiple on-screen touch controls are being used. This is sufficient for many games.

    For more advanced uses, the TouchID, XForID and YForID expressions can be used to track individual touches for different purposes. Each touch has a unique ID (which is an arbitrary number), and can be accessed using the TouchID expression in an event like On any touch start. The touch ID can then be stored in a variable and tracked using the XForID and YForID expressions. Finally comparing the TouchID in On any touch end indicates when that touch has been released.

  • I've uploaded to dropbox, so perhaps you can see it does not work as I have only recorded the first that touches the bubble and if both do not.

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