How do I detect tiled BG collision and rotate 9patch

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  • Hi guys!

    I need to make scalling SFX: laser, that has different sprite on the head.

    Problem #1: I cannot detect collision between TiledBG and Target (there isn't collision for tiledBG) to scale TiledBG

    Problem #2:The best way would be use 9patch, but as I understood it's impossible to rotate and set angle.

    How can I figure out it?

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  • My second question and noone answer

  • #1 You can't edit TiledBackgrounds collision

    #2 You can't rotate 9patch

    I don't know if it's possible or not, and i don't know how.

  • Problem #1:

    It's not possible to do directly, but make a standard sprite on TOP of your TiledBG, then set opacity for this new sprite to 0 and use the sprite for collision detection.

    Problem #2:

    I'm new to Construct 2 myself, and 9patch is one of the objects I haven't gotten around to play with. But as the 9patch is meant for scaling simple geometry out of aspect, without the weird things that happens as standard, I'm thinking you may be using 9patch the wrong place...? What I mean is; how about dropping 9patch and make a sprite instead? Then rotation, set angle etc. is easily solved.

  • I think you can actually test the collision between a sprite and a tiledbackground (not the other way around). The result will be the same.

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