How do I Detect and print missed object in game

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  • Hello, imagine that you fly and have to touch some game objects , when you touch it , it will give you a point, but when you miss it, it will show you a text , you missed one. I would like to know , how to detect that i missed such object, and there is gonna be many of them.

  • I have tried this, if my heroX is higher than the obstacleX and is not overlaping, restart layout, it dont work , the game froze

    I would ned something like this

    If Hero.X is higher Than Obstacle.X and there was no overlap , end game

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  • You could do it with Events, but as I'm stuck on a part in my game at the moment I'll give you a simple solution that popped into my mind, .

    Make a transparent sprite that's as high as your active layout, but only 1px wide, and place it behind the player area with the Anchor behaviour. Then you can detect if it overlaps one of the missed objects and restarts the layout or ends the game.

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