Detect if the objects are not existed

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  • Hi~

    I encountered a question and no idea how to solve it~

    I have several objects, I name it A,B,C,D,E for example~

    What I need is if those A,B,C,D,E objects are not existed anymore~

    Then mission complete, reset the level~

    The question is, how do I detect the condition~

    I found out that there has a "Is on-screen" condition~

    But how do I make it become "Is not on-screen"?

    Or there have other ways to do this actually?

    In addition, how to reset level?

    As my guess, I think is reload the layout?

    Hope someone can help~


  • A.count = 0

  • Right click on a condition and select "Invert".

    And your guess is right about reseting a level, paying also attention to the global variables/instances that you might have at play too.

    Topic on the subject

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  • Thanks you Yann~

    Ya, I have think about that object count = 0 too~

    But I don't know how to set it, still learning~ ><

    And thanks you Kyatric~

    I see, we can invert the event by just checking the right click options~

    I didn't know that at all, now I know how to write "!"(Not), cool~

    I will check out the topic~

    Arigatou~ ^_^

  • Create a System>Compare two values event, double click on the object you want to check for, and double click on Count.

    To reset the level, create a System>Go to Layout (By name) event, double click System, and double click LayoutName.

  • perhaps that way way with global countervars (commented capx)

    or a shorter possibility with the instant Count expression <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Thanks for Zephlon's guide & Joe7's example files~

    I will keep researching this tomorrow~

    Because~ My time here now is already midnight 1AM~ ><

    Thanks you everyone~ I got to sleep~ good night~ =)

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