How do I detect an object in a random area?

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  • Hi C2 community!

    I'm trying to find a way to detect an object within an random internal area comprised between a central object and a line composed by dashes generated by the touch of the player around this central object.

    I did this illustration below for you guys better understand the situation. If at least one of these objects stay in this random internal area, the player loses.

    I tried to make it through the Line of Sight behavior, calculating the area composed of each stroke object that makes up the broken touch and the central object, but didn't get success. I also tried two methods sugested by our comrade R0J0hound, but didn't get success too.

    I thank you in advance your attention and collaboration. ^^

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  • Place a circle sprite and scale it to the size of the dotted line.

    then do a check

    If redbox is overlapping circle area

    AND redbox is NOT overlapping inner blue circle -> Loss

  • Afraid the dotted circle was a lazy representation of the facts, i read that the user draws the dotted line. Can be a circle, can be anything, if users are allowed to draw its usaly a ....

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