Is there a way to detect if a device can't play audio?

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  • Is it possible to check if the device your app is running on can't play music, so that I can then remove any icons associated to that?

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  • Sometimes, we need to remove sound from the problem devices like galaxy s3, sharp, xperia Z , and hide audio button on them.

    I found a solution for that.

    First, we need to add an events and global variable to a project:


    Then, we need to export the game and add a code to the index.html

    // Create new runtime using the c2canvas
    //put a code right here in your index.html
    var ua = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
    		var isSthree = ((/gt-i9300|gt-i9305|gt-i9301|sgh-n064|sgh-n035|sch-j021|sgh-t999l/i).test(ua)); 
    		var isSharp = ((/SHL24|SHL23|SHL22|SHL25|SHL21/i).test(ua)) && !/(firefox|opera|chrome)/i.test(ua);
    		var isXperia = ((/D6603|D6616|D6633|D6643|D6653|L55t|L55u|D6708/i).test(ua)) && !/(firefox|opera|chrome)/i.test(ua);
    		var isXperiaZ = ((/C6602|C6603|C6606|C6616|SO-02E/i).test(ua)) && !/(firefox|opera|chrome)/i.test(ua);
    		var isIE10 = /MSIE 10/i.test(navigator.userAgent);
    		var isTest = false;
    		// var isTest = false;
    		delete sessionStorage.rm_disablesound;
    		if (typeof (Storage) !== "undefined")
    		  if(isSthree || isSharp || isIE10 || isTest || isXperia || isXperiaZ) 
    		   sessionStorage.rm_disablesound = 1;  
    That code was written not by me and i can't explain it  throughly.
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