How to detect when back button is pressed in WP8?

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  • I'm trying to port a game to Windows Phone 8 from Construct2 using the HTML 5/C# template and almost have everything done except handling the back button. According to the certification guidelines we have to handle back button a certain way (navigate backwards or pause the game if is currently in play).

    Now I did try to go the route of PhoneGap but they currently do not support WP8 only WP7 and even with that I was not successful in exporting it there.

    So this pretty much led me to using the url to transfer data from C# to my Construct2 project. By passing a value to the URL when the back button is pressed I could detect that in Construct2 and I would be able to respond accordingly. Does anyone know if its possible to detect if the url has changed in Construct2?

    Or is there maybe another way of determining whether the back button was pressed?

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