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  • Hello everyone!

    I'm currently working on my 1st game in construct.I imported scml file in construct and animation is working well.

    Now I would like to make character with destroyable limbs and joint,

    but I have no idea how to do that, and if is it even possible ...

    Please help. <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • It's probably doable. You will need to explain the game more as I can't imagine a playable character with limbs and joins that can be destroyed. What is the idea of the game?

  • Have you ever played happy wheels? :) It has crazy physics but it shows how limbs can be destroyed.

    I'm currently making side scroll shooter, and I'm stuck with making 1st boss. It is a giant robot (something like this When player hits his shoulder several times, robot arm should destroy/fall off.

    That is basically what am I trying to do...

  • If the limbs on the boss always fall off in the same order then I would use animations and just update the sprite on each stage of the boss. If you can target separate areas of the boss perhaps you can pin the various parts to the main boss body. If you apply Physics behaviour to attached objects they should flail about like limbs too.

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  • They wouldn't fall in same order every time.

    So basically I should create every destroyable part as separate sprite/animation and then pin it to the main body...

    I was also thinking about that, but I hoped there is some event (command) that can be used to unpin some part of Spriter animation.

    Thank you! :)

  • Nah the sprite is just one image. You could in theory do something like make visible a sprite that is pinned to the robot and covering the limbs you have detatched but I'm not entirely sure if this will interfere with the anims and possibly with other environment assets. If you want to detatch limbs I would attach them as separate sprite objects pinned to the main body.

  • That is what I thought...

    Thank you!

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