Destroying Overhanging Sprites.

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  • I've been playing around with Construct and have resisted posting on the forums since I purchased a license (firm believer in multiple searches, figuring it out for myself) but after playing around with this issue for a couple hours, maybe someone has a solution that I just can't see (I have been up working on this game for about 12 hours today after all ). Might just need some sleep.

    If you can't see the image for some reason, the edge of the platform ends but my grass sprite hangs off the edge in thin air. The sprites are generated offscreen and dropped below every tick. I tried altering the collision box for the sprite but it still occurs. I can't use Image Points or alter the collision of the platform because it's a tiled background. It's also randomly generated, lol. So a particular width/height doesn't serve me properly. Sprite.Width > Block.Width doesn't work. I'm toying around with LOS now. If someone has an idea, I'd be extremely grateful.

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  • Solved.

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