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  • HEy i am making a mechanic for this game i am creating and i need to destroy a single instance of a object on screen and not all of them.


    In depth: When you hit space you create bubbles(Circles) and they rise up. What i want to do is destroy the bubble after t is created for a certain amount of time. If there are multiple of that said bubble on the screen i don't want all of them to be destroyed but only 1 at a time depending on how long they have been alive.

  • Create an instance variable "lifespawn" to your bubbles object.

    Either set it to 0 and increment it by 1 every frame/tick until it reaches 120 for example (120 = 2 seconds since the app runs at 60 fps).

    Or either set it to your max value, decrement it by 1 each frame and when it reaches 0 then you know you want to destroy that bubble.

    In one case or another, make a condition Bubbles.lifespawn = End_Value

    + action Bubbles.destroy (this will pick only the bubbles which lifespawn reached their final value).

    This is like the health mechanic in the Beginner's guide, page 6, private instances section

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  • Thanks, i will ake a look at what you have said and linked. :)

    Ok got it working. I was thinking how instance variables work wrong. Now that i kno how they work it will be a lot easier.

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