Destroyable Objects In MultiPlayer

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  • So each Peer can destroy the NPC

    The Npc instant Respawns if the host has not killed it first

    New Peers have a NPC on their Screen but not other Peers

    I have attacached Screen shots of Old Peer Vs new Peer and the only code in the Cap.x

    The Code is under my Common group

    I want new peers to not see monsters that are dead atm

  • It looks like you used synched object for the NPCs,

    Therefore the peer needs to inform the host it destroyed the NPC, but not destroy it then and there.

    The host gets informed the NPC has died and destroys it, which gets synched back to the connected peers.

  • this is my current code for this problem, Something is still wrong because the peer can destroy the monster on the host screen but will not destroy on its own screen.

  • Did you add Sprite (red square) and Skele1 to the synch family ? (so the objects actually get synched)

    If not, you would need add them.

    I generally do not use families to synch objects (not sure that works effectively), I always use the objects themselves.

  • They are in the sync family,I have removed them from family and synced them individually but this still resulted in same effect. The creation of the object is synced and the peer can effect the hp of the monster ,destroying it on the host screen but not on the peers.

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  • That is odd, the synching should work both ways.

    Can you post a pic of your events where the NPCs gets destroyed ?

  • if you look in the above picture the skele is destroyed by the host when its hp = 0. In that above picture all things in red squares are involved

  • It appears they are outside the Host group level.

    Peers are also creating new ones then it seems.

    Move those three events to be below (in) the host group and try again.

  • I moved the three events into the Host group, The skeleton now no longer spawns on the peer screen.

  • If you post/pm a capx I wouldnt mind taking a look

  • If you post/pm a capx I wouldnt mind taking a look

    Thanks, took a look and it looked like it was working, your object was just synching on the buttons layer

    Here is a suggested solution:

  • Wow thank you sooo very much, I may have never discovered that happening. Using layer names instead of numbers from now on

  • On a location where it always runs if the game runs I'd say

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