Destroy TowerA with bulletB should spawn TowerB

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  • When TowerA has zero health and it collide with bulletB. TowerA should be destroyed and spawn TowerB.

    I have tried to make it, but my way to do this seems a bit buggy.

    The bullets doesn't destroy a tower instantly when it has zero health, this occures several seconds later.

    When the tower got destroyed, it seems like multiple towers got spawned.

    How can this be solved?

    Here is the capx


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  • [attachment=0:24cykppx][/attachment:24cykppx]

  • I moved all your "system create object" to the bottom instead of having them at the top

  • Thanks for the reply, but it didn't help =(

  • What do you want to do?It worked for me.

    • No Multiple towers were created
    • Destroyed when health reaches 0.

    Any problem?

  • if you have changed the layout or rotate the towers, could you test it again without changing anything in the lay out for me?

    When you test the capx, take a closer look at the tower where the purple arrow is pointing to.

    That tower will reach to zero health, but the grey bullets are passing through it instead of destroying it.

    Where the cyan arrow is pointing to has some issue too. That tower went to -1 health. The bullets are overlaping the tower instead of destroying it.

    Those are the problems =/

  • I got it to work by moving system create objects to the bottom...

    you have 2 nuetral4 side by side on the bottom.

    The very bottom one will not work but if you point the other one, it will

    the cyan one has a 1 for health to start with. Changed that to 10 so at least now the green one can kill it and make it change

    That's all the time I have right now

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