How do I destroy a spawn in multiplayer.

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  • Hello, in multiplayer an error occured when creating a spawn.

    If I create a spawn and immediately I destroy, the player is destroyed.

    I do not understand what happens, I want to destroy the spawn but the player is destroyed.

    In the pong example, in host group I added this:

  • its because paddle is the same object it doesn't repick the spawn vs what there already. I had the same problem so my solution was to create a new sprite such as Paddle1 or paddle2 what ever it need to be.

  • I understand perfectly but ... do you think this behavior is right ?.

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  • Well i can tell you this Contruct two engine doesnt have a complex brain like us to figure out for you. It actually a very precise and dumb where you gotta get it to know what instruction you want specifically. Like for instance you could just point to a paddle in real life and say get rid of it.

    In contruct two you would have to say Destroy Name of object and what variable it is. and if you told someone to destroy the paddle he would still destroy both because they are of the same object.

    and no i do not think that right If you wanted to just to destroyed the newly created paddle you can try to use 'on created>destroy the object but I have to ask why do you want to create a paddle just to destroy it ? is it a defensive way of protecting you own paddle ? if so id just redo and ask what events are playing to why does the paddle get destroy by what.

  • That was just a test.

    I wanted to see how I must refer to an object that has been spawned.

    Ok, I've found out, thanks for all the info.

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