Destroy a single particle instance on contact

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  • I have a couple of particle emitters in my test level shooting out "hazards".

    Upon collision with the player, I'd like to destroy that particular particle. However, when I used the destroy "particle" event on collision it destroys all particles and the emitter.

    I simply can't find how to do this which seems like it should be so simple. What am I missing?

  • You can't do things with a specific particle, it has to be the entire thing. If you want to, you'd have to create your own particle effect with sprites

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  • That's what I've done in the meantime but the particle system just offers all the controls (except this one) off the bat.

    That's a shame - thanks for letting me know, at least I can stop searching for how to make it work now.

  • It is awful to use sprites while we have particles already. Scirra team should make to allow that we can pick an instance of particle. It is not your fault.

  • Using any tool incorrectly, knowing what it is and how it works, is simply the wrong way to do things.

    Particles work as well as they do because they're so light in terms of CPU usage. If the engine has to track UID, position, rotation, animations/frames, collisions and all the other things that people would want (and, trust me, I'd love these features too), then the particle object as a whole would become useless for everyone else.

    Admittedly, having optional toggles for these various things would be handy, but I wouldn't say this is a mandatory feature.

    Making your own emitter using a spawn object and bullet-based sprites really doesn't take that long anyway.

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