Destroy an object at a point

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  • Well, that's not ENTIRELY true. I mean, I've been helping you out, haven't I? <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    But yeah, I see your point. I don't really use anything other than Facebook for chat these days, though. I've got no problem adding you as a friend if you don't mind (if you have one!). I was gonna ask in a PM, but you can't send any yet, right?

  • Right! I can't. But I'm sure I can get them. If you just want to send me your FB link. I'll add you up.

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  • Hi SullyThestange,


       I'm new to construct2. I'm trying to develop a game in it. my question is while clicking on a particular object it has to fall down where i am having 2 or more objects which i have given like mouse over. But the actual problem i am facing is that if clicked on a particular object all the other objects on screen falls down by click event it.

    But actual way i need is like only the particular object has to fall down while clicking on it.

       What are all the steps I need to make it run properly .

       I am looking forward. Please help me to do that.

       Thanks in advance....

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