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  • Destroy an object;

    And when you change the layout;

    And return to the layout of the object destroyed even continue a destroyed object.

    Can anyone help?

  • Try making the object you want to destroy global.

  • TheDom, I tried to do but failed because the event has sound, and when it returns to the original layout of the object, the object remains that there just invisible. Being that it is to be destroyed and only be shown the next time the application is opened.

  • How is the object being created? on start of layout? Or is it already on the layout at start?

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  • TheDom, The object is created is a button in the second layout, when clicked it is destroyed and beeps.

    After returning to the first layout again and go to the second layout, the button is there anyway, and it is to be destroyed for ever since the first time it was clicked.

  • I guess that you need to destroy them by yourself using variables. I tried stuffs like this and I get an issue about begining a new game where the objects with persist behavior never came back to the layout.

    Try to put a global variable switch and if it's true delete the object (pick by comparaison >> UID) in the event sheet of the layout.

    I hope that I helped.

  • The persist behaviour can I think be of help (it maintains the exact state of the object after leaving the layout).

    Or you create it at runtime if a variable is equal to something, thus letting you not creating it if you already killed him.

  • The example below is this:


    Can anyone help?

  • The example below is this:


    Can anyone help?


    with the help of global variable you can destroy it

  • Thanks for the solution piuuu, your answer complemented my application. And thanks to everyone who tried to show me the way.

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