How I can destroy any instance on destroing my?

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  • I need destroy some object when destroying my...

    I use next code for it:

    behinstProto.onDestroy = function() {
        if (this.destroyObject) {

    but it does not work, and why:

    runtimeProto.DestroyInstance = function (inst)
              // Add to death row to destroy later

    object is added to all the destruction, but it happens here:

    runtimeProto.ClearDeathRow = function ()
              var arr = this.deathRow.valuesRef();     // get array of items from set
              for (i = 0, leni = arr.length; i < leni; i++)
                   // Remove from all behavior-plugin's instances
                   if (inst.behavior_insts)
                        for (j = 0, lenj = inst.behavior_insts.length; j < lenj; j++)
                             binst = inst.behavior_insts[j];
                             if (binst.onDestroy)
                                  binst.onDestroy();   ///// THIS!!!!!!!!!!
                   if (inst.onDestroy)
                        inst.onDestroy();  /// OR THIS!!!!!!

    arr - is array of old list of destroying instances, new added instance located in this.deathRow at now!

    After arr-loop ("for") we have next code:

    if (!this.deathRow.isEmpty())
                   this.redraw = true;
              this.deathRow.clear(); // THIS!!!!!!

    A new instances in list was cleared with old together...

    Ok... How I can destroy any instance on destroing my?

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  • Ashley wrote :

    his is a basic Javascript language question - it's best not to ask about the Javascript language itself in the forum, because there are much better places to learn Javascript on the web. From the SDK docs:

    ome useful resources for javascript are:


    > Mozilla's Javascript Guide -

    > A complete guide to javascript. This might be a good starting point if you are new to programming.


    > StackOverflow -

    > An excellent Q&A website. Also a good place to search to see if your question has already been asked and answered.


    > Javascript Garden -

    > Guide to the unusual parts of javascript. Very useful if you have experience with a different programming language but are new to javascript.


    > Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) -

    > An excellent reference for HTML, javascript, and more. A very useful place to look up features for the browser side of the plugin./quote]

    Enough with the pluginmania already...

  • In my opinion that is a microbug of C2...

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