How do I destroy family but spawn 1 character

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  • So I have multiple character sprites outside my layout and when certain action is finished( in this case fade out) I destroy my family which has 13 character sprites. Next thing I do is spawn one of the characters to a certain location. I do this to save memory because I dont want all of 13 sprites to play animations outside the screen...The problem is, my character is spawned but Its not moving or doing any animations...

    I would need to destroy the family but leave 1 sprite undestroyed

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  • The way you are explaing it, it should work, if you have the right behaviours attached and the animations set on..

  • It has all the animations and behaviours but its not doing any actions....I cna see it on the screen but its like hes not there actually...Is there a way to destroy certain sprites inside the family and leave the others?

  • Well you could do something like first set a global variable to the uid of the one you'd like to keep, than add a condition family.uid is not global variable > family destroy..

    I'm not sure if it would solve your problem, though..

    Your character not doing any actions, sounds more like an event-sheet problem, unrelated to the destroy action.

  • A screenshot of code could help to find/solve the problem. (or a capx)

  • I found the problem...

    "trigger once" did the trick... thanks for your help

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