How do i destroy at certain speeds/distance

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  • Hi,Im new to game development & from the VFX & animation side. Just trying out Construct 2.

    How do i destroy a object falling down at certain speeds/distance from the ground . Like a Ice cube falling to the ground.

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  • I haven't actually tried this but looking how I'd go about trying to solve it, I'd give the object a movement behavior, bullet might work.

    Bullet then has event options that allow you to "compare distance traveled" and or "compare speed", set values for those and trigger a destroy action.

    Like I say, I haven't tried this but I think that would work if you set the bullet speed to 0 initially and set it's angle to 90.

    Edit: Just tried it and it works fine!

    You might need to change "compare distance traveled" to get a distance from the floor depending on how you want it to work.

  • Thanks for the reply Zantium, will try it out. New to the code stuff.

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