Destroy Buildings in Construct 2?

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  • I was wondering if it's possible to destroy a building piece by piece.

    I have an object (castle) I made in an image editor. It's made of blocks. Can it be destroyed block by block or do I have to assemble the castle in Construct 2 block by block for it to be destroyed in such a manner kinda like breakout?

    Thanks for any help.

  • I think the "kinda like breakout" answer is the correct one.

    If your castle is only a single sprite, you don't really have ways of "dividing" it.

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  • You could maybe do it with the Canvas Plugin , But I don't think collisions will work ...

  • You can create sprites that spawn on top of the areas that are destroyed effectively masking the building piece by piece.

    So you can have your building sprite covered by a bunch of invisible collision enabled areas. Set you condition for destroying "part" of the building, have the secondary sprite become visible with appropriate change of appearance and if applicable disable collision.

  • Thanks for the replies and help, to all. I've only been using construct for a very short time. Most of that has been creating my sprites and running animations: on a budget. Dang that's hard!

    IsometricRobot, so what would the sprites look like. It's only going to be a 640 x 480 screen. No scrolling. The only movement will be left & right.

    Would I make the sprites look like the background that would be visible if that part of the building were destroyed?

    Thanks again.

  • You could have the individual sprites show destruction animation in steps until finally you can show the building coming down. It would require a bit of art to be done, but using the sprites like tiles would allow you to reuse instances of the same sprite to save time in deploying the work. (Better than trying to animate the whole building.)

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